What is Community Water Fluoridation?

Fluoride is a mineral that exists naturally in virtually all water supplies, but usually at a concentration that is too low to prevent tooth decay. Many communities in Canada adjust the amount of fluoride in their community water source to maintain it at an optimal level.

Many of Canada’s urban centres have benefitted from community water fluoridation for over 70 years! This means we have 70 years of evidence showing that community water fluoridation is a safe and effective way to reduce dental decay for all residents of a community, regardless of age, income, dental insurance status, etc. Leading national and international health experts, including the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Canadian Association of Public Health Dentistry, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all strongly support water fluoridation.

How does it work?

Fluoridated water helps to protect teeth in two ways. First, during children’s tooth-forming years, the fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel of the developing teeth, making them more resistant to decay. Second, for Canadians of all ages, the fluoride in tap water mixes with saliva to help counteract acid attacks in the mouth caused by sugar and bacteria. These acid attacks are responsible for tooth decay

When it comes to community water fluoridation, the science is solid. It remains a safe, effective, and equitable way of reducing tooth decay!