Top 10 Oral Health Tips

Helpful Tips for a Great Smile

  1. Be a tooth two-timer! Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. (2 x 2 minutes).
  2. Fight with floss! Floss between your teeth. Using dental floss daily can help keep gums healthy.
  3. Rinse germs down the drain! Rinse using an antiseptic mouthwash to kill germs that cause cavities and gum disease.
  4. You are what you eat! Make healthy food choices. Nutritious food, low in sugar, is good for both oral and overall health.
  5. Protect your pearly whites! Wear a mouthguard when playing or practising sports. Your dental hygienist can make a custom fitted one for you.
  6. Butt Out! Choose to be tobacco free. Using tobacco products can stain your teeth and increase your risk of developing oral cancer.
  7. Sealants for success! Want your child to stay cavity free? Ask your dental hygienist if pit and fissure sealants are a good option for your child.
  8. Open up! Check your mouth once a month. Know what's normal. If you have a sore that does not heal within two weeks, get it checked by a health professional.
  9. Re-think your drink! Drinking sweetened beverages and acidic fluids increases your risk of developing cavities.
  10. Book it! Visit your dental hygienist regularly. Begin visits by age one and continue throughout your life.