Celebrate National Dental Hygienists Week TM

The month of April is Oral Health Month and an important part of this celebration is National Dental Hygienists Week™, celebrated annually in the second week of April.

Learn about Oral Care for Kids

Your child's oral health is important. Learn what to expect at your child's first visit with a dental hygienist, facts on baby teeth and teething, interesting tips and fun facts

Find An Independent Dental Hygienist
in Your Area

Try the easy-to-use "Find A Dental Hygienist" tool to locate a dental hygienist in your area.

Facts About Dental Hygienists

Did you know? Dental hygienists form the sixth largest regulated health profession in Canada with more than 31,000 practitioners?

Be a Legend Because of Your Game,
Not Your Missing Teeth

Sports mouthguards put more bite into injury prevention!

Fluoride: Community Water Fluoridation

In 1945, fluoride was added to water supplying four communities in the US and Canada after a long period of study of the effects of naturally occurring fluoride. These studies noted a dramatic decline...