Celebrate National Dental Hygienists Week TM

An annual celebration of your dental hygienist

The month of April is Oral Health Month and an important part of this celebration is National Dental Hygienists Week™, celebrated annually in the second week of April. Focusing on the importance of maintaining good oral health practices and helping Canadians understand the role and importance of the dental hygiene profession, this annual event is organized by the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA).

Every April thousands of Canadian dental hygienists get out and promote awareness of oral health in their communities. Speaking with the media, writing press releases, sharing on social networks, setting up displays in lcoal malls or libraries, and other options for spreading the word. Getting the message out into the community and making a difference, raising the profile of the profession and highlighting the value of dental hygienists.

Winners of the Kids' 2018 Colouring Contest

Our colouring contest was a great success with more than 1866 entries received from across Canada in three age categories. The winners received Toys R Us gift certificates and oral care gift packs from Sunstar G•U•M®.

5 and under

Esteban Ortega, 4 Oliver Bosnjak, 4 Mina O'Donnell, 4

6-9 years old

Zachary Watkins, 9 Natashia Recuenco, 9 Joshua Lu, 7

10-13 years old

Claire Dickson, 11 Audrey, 11 Pareza Tahamtan, 13

Put Your Purple On!

The colour purple is synonymous with dental hygiene, and has been the official colour of dental professionals since 1897 when lilac was first chosen for the emblem of the National Association of Dental Faculties. Purple has long been the trim colour for dental hygiene graduates' caps and gowns and is said to signify compassion, purpose, and inspiration.

Dental hygienists from across the country are being asked to illustrate their passion and pride for the profession by taking and sharing purple-themed photos throughout the month of April. Flash mob group shots in purple clothing, purple-themed displays – it's all good! Help create awareness of the profession of dental hygiene - get out there and PUT YOUR PURPLE ON!

Future Dates

Mark your calendars!
2019: April 6-12
2020: April 4-10
2021: April 10-16
2022: April 9-15