Seniors’ Oral Health

Due to healthier lifestyles, as well as advances in professional care, we can expect to keep most, if not all of our natural teeth as we enter our senior years. But keeping those teeth healthy can be a challenge.

What items pose a risk?

A number of medications can cause dry mouth, a condition that can contribute to cavities and other oral problems. Seniors also develop more cavities on the roots of their teeth than younger adults. Perhaps most worrisome, bacteria from the mouth can travel and develop into serious infections affecting overall health.

In addition, many people do not realize the importance of maintaining the health of their mouth after they lose all or even some of their natural teeth. Food debris and bacteria continue to accumulate throughout the mouth, including on the tongue, remaining teeth, and dentures, forming plaque, which has the potential to cause cavities, odours, sores, and irritation.

What can each of us do?

Good oral hygiene coupled with regular care by a dental hygienist can help to prevent more serious health problems. Together, you can plan a daily oral care routine that will keep your teeth, and you, healthy for life. Use our fact sheets to help keep oral health care a priority as you age!