Daily Denture and Mouth Care

Did you know? Dentures require just as much care as your natural teeth. Many people do not realize the importance of maintaining the health of their mouth after they lose all or even some of their natural teeth.

Food debris and bacteria continue to accumulate throughout the mouth, including on the tongue, remaining teeth, and dentures, forming plaque, which has the potential to cause cavities, odours, sores, and irritation.

If you wear dentures, it is important to take them out daily for appropriate cleaning (see Helpful Hints in our downloadable fact sheet) and visit your oral health care provider, including your dental hygienist, regularly to ensure the overall health of your mouth.

Advice for Caregivers

If you provide denture care to others, have the appropriate supplies on hand that will make your work much easier (see Materials in our downloadable fact sheet). In terms of approach, determine the level of assistance the individual requires to adequately care for their mouth and dentures and follow the procedures outlined in our fact sheet.

Note that, while brushing the individual’s teeth, gums, tongue, and roof of mouth, it may be helpful to use a mouth prop. Once the dentures and mouth have been cleaned, look for any changes and ask them how their mouth and dentures feel.

Remember to store the dentures as recommended by the individual’s oral health professional. Encourage and/or arrange for the individual to visit an oral health professional, including their dental hygienist, regularly to maintain oral and overall health.