Your Child’s First Teeth

As a new parent, you may be anxious about your baby’s teething. Here is some information that may help you and your baby feel better at this important stage of development.

Your baby’s first teeth will likely appear somewhere between 4 and 7 months of age, although there is a wide range in timing. Once the teeth start coming in, you can expect them to follow the order shown in the chart.

Teething babies may sometimes be fussy, drool more than normal, and may want to chew on something hard. Firm rubber teething rings are good choices, but avoid teething toys that you freeze as they can get too hard and do more harm than good. Medications that you rub on the gums are not advised, but rubbing or massaging the gums with your finger or with a damp soft cloth can provide some relief. If your child has a fever over 38.3 degrees Celsius, take him or her to see your doctor. Teething does not cause high fevers.